The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Reviewed by: M.M., Fort Lee High School 9th Grader


I read the book Fault in our stars in my winter vacations and also watched the movie which in only not my opinion, but other students also thinks that both of them are emotional and heart touching.  It's a story about love, survival, relationships and life.  I actually loved watching the movie and reading the book.  Hazel was actually fighting with this "unpredictable" cancer which could just change anybody in their attitude, lifestyle and much more.  When you really think deep about this story you actually know the meaning of life without someone you have loved a lot and they just left you with the beautiful memories of their and you just feel helpless without them and you could only shed tears to lighten up.  Especially in this situation pen and paper are your best friends just scribble down what comes to your mind it does not matter whether it rhymes or not, whether it's perfect or not just wrote what you feel at that time.  Love is a feeling that just happens among a boy and a girl you never know how it happens and when it happens, but some people are fortunate that they get in relation and have the memorable time of their life not everybody are alike there are some people who just love someone at their deepest but still could not be together just because of some reason.  Hazel was actually blessed to be in relation with Augustus Water who just concern about her a lot in every moment and could do anything to make her happy so he could just review and make some editing to it and then left out a copy for her just because he wants Hazel to be joyful.  I chose this book because I have heard from many people that they have watched this movie and it made them cried a lot.  This book just shoots you right on your heart and gives you a meaning of life.     


Legend by Marie Lu

Reviewed by: J.H,, Fort Lee High School 9th Grader


I never wanted to read the Legend series. That's the truth. I never wanted to stare at the perfect, beautiful covers, or even look at the creative, colorful text. But somehow, after months of avoiding it, the book ended up in my hands, and left me in a daze. Or even better, it has left me yearning for more.


This trilogy left me in a state where all I want to think about is the book. Which is why I'm writing this review at exactly 12 a.m., in tears, and feeling as if my heart had been ripped from my chest.


It first started out as my sister raging on about the series, and how the main protagonist had the same name as her. She was ecstatic, because apparently, to her, it was rare seeing another person named June. But, oh boy, let me tell you: According to, "There are 201,489 people in the U.S. with the first name June." 201,489 is a large number if you ask me, but still to her, it was a brilliant surprise. And so, my sister picked up the book for a while and then put it on hold, which, gave me more of a reason not to read the series.


But fate has its own way of playing itself out, and Book Club came along. After several emails arguing over the book for the Month of YA, Legend became our book for the month of February.  With a hesitant attitude, I received the book from our high school librarian and left it on my desk for weeks.


Bad decision.


It was only until the day OF the book club discussion where I decided it would be a good idea to start the book. And so, before I left for school, I read a bit, during the first and third period I read a bit, and thanks to the absence of my teacher I was able to ALMOST able complete the book during eight period. Key word: Almost. I spent the first 10 minutes of the discussion in the corner of room, trying to finish 50 or so pages, while yelling out my opinions of the book as the questions were asked. And once I closed that book, I knew I wanted more.


Now not only was I frustrated at myself for putting a book off for so long, I was frustrated because I put Legend off for so long. This book, in a few words is, absolutely mind-blowing. Within chapters, I was sucked into the world of the Republic and the minds of both June and Day. June of course is a bright, and talented individual, but let me tell you about Day. 


That is the only thing that comes to my mind at the moment.

This boy is fire, he is ice. He is speed, he is trees. He was whatever he wants to be. 

I originally thought I would not like the book because it was another tragic, dystopian love story. But little did I know, Legend wasn't.

Marie Lu's series captures your heart and grabs onto it tight, and never wants to let go. Instead of love it tells the story of two strong, brave children discovering what they really desire. In the end, it wasn't the need to be with each other but it was the desire for one's safety and happiness. (At least in my opinion.) June and Day's development in this book is beyond what I had ever expected. 

The story the Legend Series is trying to convey is truly amazing, and I hope that everyone can have the same breathtaking experience I had.