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In 2018, the Library Board of Trustees began working with Arcari + Iovino Architects to deliver new plans for a renovation and a 2,700 square foot addition over two floors. This addition would expand the current Children’s Room through the exterior overhang. New features will include a dedicated children’s programming space, small meeting rooms, a cafe, a computer lab, and an updated large meeting room. To complement the architecture of a modern Fort Lee, the building’s exterior will be upgraded with sleek metal panels.

Following the completion of the Library’s Strategic Plan for 2023-25, the Board has once again looked to collaborate with Arcari + Iovino Architects. This second phase will involve revisiting the plans to incorporate valuable public feedback and consider the impact of our post-covid world. Revised plans would include the addition of two floors over the library’s atrium and also feature an inviting enclosed tween/teen room and additional small meeting rooms. Anticipated to be finalized in early 2024, our new renovation plans will reflect the changing needs of our growing and evolving community.

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Have questions about our renovation? Check out answers to some frequently asked questions below.


Why does the library need an expansion and modernization?


We recognize the significance of our library’s rich history; it has impacted multiple generations from it’s founding in 1919 to the present day. Both Fort Lee and Englewood Cliffs have gone through an immense transformation in the last few decades, and our library building can no longer meet the needs of our evolving community. From more private meeting rooms to a café—our updated renovation plans, expected to be completed in early 2024, will be a direct response to feedback from Fort Lee and Englewood Cliffs residents. 

How Can I Contribute to the Expansion and Modernization Project?

Supporting the project is easy! You can make a donation by visiting and contribute $19.19 or more in honor of our founding year, 1919. You can also participate in our annual book sale and attend the exciting future fundraising events we have planned to help the cause.

What will my donation be used for?


Your generous donations will be directed toward the expansion and modernization of the Fort Lee Public Library, including the creation of a new Meeting Room. These funds will support architectural plans, expanded spaces, and various amenities that will enhance the overall library experience.

Can I donate an amount other than $19.19?


Absolutely! We welcome larger contributions to support our ambitious renovation goals. If you’re interested in making a donation larger than $100, please email the Friends at, and they’ll be thrilled to discuss additional opportunities for support and recognition.

What are the plans for the library’s expansion and modernization?


The Library Board of Trustees is working closely with Arcari + Iovino Architects to develop transformative renovation plans. These plans will include adding 2,700 square feet over two floors, expanding the Children’s Room, and creating dedicated spaces for children’s programming, meeting rooms, a vibrant café, and an updated large meeting room. For more information regarding the renovation plans, email us at

How will the updated library cater to our evolving community?


With the completion of the Library’s Strategic Plan for 2023-25, the renovation plans will be revised to incorporate additional space for public use, an inviting enclosed tween/teen room, a café, and additional meeting spaces—a direct response to the valuable feedback we’ve received from the public.  By incorporating elements like additional meeting spaces and a café, the goal is to cater to both the present and future needs of our community.

How will the library’s rich history be preserved in the updated building?


While modernizing the library, we are committed to preserving its rich history and the memories it holds for our community. The expansion will be thoughtfully designed to maintain elements of our library’s legacy while embracing innovative features that cater to the needs of present and future generations. It will be the same library you have come to know and love, but updated to better serve us for today and tomorrow.

When will the expansion and modernization be completed?


We are excited to embark on this transformative journey and our first step is to update our renovation plans. Once those are completed in early 2024, we will have a clearer timeline. We’ll be sharing updates via social media and through our email newsletter—stay tuned! For additional questions regarding progress, email us at

How will my donation make a difference?


Your donation is crucial in realizing our vision for a modern, vibrant, and inclusive library space. By supporting this project, you’ll play an active role in shaping the future of our beloved Fort Lee Public Library and creating an enduring legacy for our community. Your generosity will not only help celebrate our library’s rich history but also highlight Fort Lee and Englewood Cliff’s continued commitment to excellence.

Thank you for your support in modernizing our library and preserving the essence of our thriving community!