Laptop Borrowing for Teen Patrons

The Fort Lee Public Library Teen Center has laptops available for use inside of the library. These laptops can be checked out with the Teen Librarian for an hour at a time. In order to check out one of these laptops the Young Adult Patron must be in good standing with the library, have their library card with them to check out the laptop, and have their school ID card with them to verify their identity.

The laptops are not to be taken out of the teen center and are to be used in a way that adheres to the guidelines set out by the Fort Lee Public Library Computer Policy. If the supervising librarian has reason to believe the person borrowing the computer is in violation of the policy, or if they believe the person borrowing the laptop is abusing the privilege, then the supervising librarian has the right to retrieve the computer from the user.

More about laptop borrowing, as well as rules regarding how to use library computers, can be found on our Computer Policy Page.