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Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun – Volume 01 by Aidalro

Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun – Volume 01 by Aidalro

Ever heard of school mysteries that seem like ghost stories? Well, the supernatural story, Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun, written by Aidalro revolves around just that. Yashiro Nene who is a hopeless romantic goes in search of one of the school’s seven mysteries, the mystery about Hanako-san who is said to occupy the third stall of the third floor girls’ bathroom. It is rumored that Hanako-san can grant any wish when summoned for the right price. Yashiro goes off into this supposed haunted bathroom and summons Hanako-san..only to discover that male? When she wanted Hanako-kun to make the most popular boy in school, Minamoto Teru, to fall in love with her, she fell into an endless, chaotic journey, where she would uncover secrets about her school that no one knew existed.

From crazy adventures that felt so surreal to suddenly having her fate entwined with Hanako-kun, to her eyes opening to spirits and abnormal creatures her classmates couldn’t see, her story was just starting to begin. A ditsy, hopeless romantic high school girl, falling for any cute guy that breathes her way, just got herself into a messy situation by becoming Hanako-kun’s assistant and is now facing the challenges of having to adjust to this crazy reality. Will she make it through and fulfill her original wish or is the storm just beginning to unwind itself?

The series has so many dynamic and diverse characters that fit together so well, but with so many gaps that they need to fill in themselves. Aidalro does a great job at the details in each panel, showing off how messy her school, Kamome Academy really is and with unforgettable friendships and pairs, you really can’t put this series down once you find yourself reading the first page. Amongst all the comedy and supernatural, you can see each character’s development and that’s what makes the story and series so lively. It’s a typical high school with a bunch of mysteries lurking underneath and all the rumors happen to be true. Who knows, maybe your school also has rumors. If you enjoy those types, I highly recommend checking out the manga series and the anime itself!