Call of the Wild by Jack London

The Call of the Wild By Jack London

Review by Elif D

A captivating piece of literature, the Call of the Wild by Jack London is a book that centers on a character named Buck, a dog who learns the special call of his ancestors through hardship, struggle, and the help of fellow sled dogs. The story begins when he is kidnapped by Klondike gold hunters who are in search of gold, and who need sled dogs to complete the task. The book presents many lessons about freedom. Published in 1903, and set in the mountainous region of Yukon, the author uses Buck’s strength, confidence, and perseverance to interpret and answer the call of his ancestors.
The book is adventurous, imaginative, and filled with hidden meanings that make the story worthwhile. The text is descriptive, and Jack London defines his characters in great depth and creates interesting plot twists. When you turn the page, prepare to be amazed!