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Counting by 7s by Holly Sloan

Losing one’s parents is never easy, and 12-year-old Willow Chance loses her adoptive parents in a car wreck. The book Counting by 7s  by Holly Goldberg Sloan charts Willow’s journey through her grief to the realization that her life will go on. Although she has no relatives or close family friends, an unusual group of people step forward to become a surrogate family to this unusual but highly intelligent girl. The story continues to take on many twists and turns for Willow teaching her about self-evaluation and the fight against loneliness. In equal parts an exploration of the pain of loss and of the triumph of moving forward, the novel looks at how one person can change the lives of many, often without even trying. The plot has many surprises that are sure to keep a reader of any genre enticed with the book and it also creates a comfortable atmosphere that the reader is able to imagine and relate to. The book’s title comes from Willow’s love for the number seven and its importance in her life. You will find out more about this importance if you decided to read this book. 

Written by Garv Baid