IT: A novel by Stephen King

Stephen King lives up to his reputation of amazing horror in this masterpiece of a book.  It brings whole new meanings to disturbing, disgusting, and disheartening as it tells the tale of a group of kids called the Losers Club that are hunted by an elusive shape shifting entity that they label, “IT”. This story switches around through time as it slowly tells the tale of a town called Derry and the curse-like state that it finds itself in due to the killer clown on the loose who has a tendency to kill children and cause chaos in as gruesome and morbid way as it can. As the story develops you get more and more invested in this tale of struggle against an overpowered and terrifying enemy that is relentless in its mission to destroy the protagonists. Anyone that likes horror must read this book as it is the true embodiment of disturbing fiction that always manages to shock you with its extremes. I really liked reading this book as it had a good mix of dark humor and pure horror which would fill me with dread and adrenaline as I read. Although the book is way too long at over one thousand pages, and has several questionable parts that are unnecessary and perverted, it is overall a very good read if you have a lot of time to spare and wish to be uncomfortable.