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  1. Pages can be printed from any of the computers in the Reference Department.
  2. Black and white printouts are $.15 per page, and color printouts are $.25 per page.
  3. There is no charge for using the scanner or copy machine to save images directly to a USB drive.
  4. The printers print one-sided only.
  5. Patrons are not permitted to use their own paper in the printers, unless it is the same size (8.5 x 11″) and texture.
  6. Patrons claim and pay for their printouts in cash at the Reservation Station.

Wireless Printing From All Mobile Devices

Print wirelessly from all mobile devices, including laptops, tablets and smart phones.
Submit print jobs from home or in the library and release the job at the library print station.

B&W – $0.15 per page
Color – $0.25 per page

1. Send As Email Attachment

Login to your email account and send/forward an email with the document to be printed as an attachment to our printers:

Black and White


2. Upload your document To Web Portal

Click here to go to Wireless Printing Portal

Enter your email address a Upload your document a Click the green print button

3. Send your print job with PrinterOn App

Download the free PrinterOn app.

iOS App

Android App